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Keep going my love into deep waters

Keep going my love

Keep going for Mercy, Scooby and your small Venus

Keep going even when work is meaningless and cleaning is not fun

Keep going, enjoy the early coffee and the midnight wine

Keep going, find beauty, and then go and find more beauty

Keep going my love

Keep going, walk the path of the unknown grounded in beauty

Keep going, even when you need to se electronics

Keep going, even when texting and interruptions are overwhelming

Keep going and let the sun cares the beauty of your skin

Keep going, climb the mountain, feel it’s dryness, feel your heart become alive as you climb the mountain

Keep going, when you hate driving

Keep going, Houston, is not your forever home

Keep going my love

Keep going until you reach the end

Until beauty is at the top

Keep going for the promise of abundance in each and every season

Keep going

Rest is coming

I promise your grace redefine life is coming

I promise beauty,

I promise abundance

I promise compassion

I promise tenderness

Keep going my love, grace will find you

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