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To the hands that fly as they write, may grace find you

Updated: May 23, 2023

In the quiet of the night,

When the stars are shining bright,

When the moon is big and bright,

I sit and write.

With each word I write,

I feel my soul take flight,

To an unknown world full of happiness and light

It floats light in the sky

As it is healed and transformed

It expects new life.

I say to my soul

Gentleness is your strength.

Tenderness and softness are your companions.

Purity is your sweetness. Honor your sourness.

Be authentic, my soul.

I love to write the whispers of my soul,

The secret emotions that weave a tale to touch others' heart

And leaves a healing impression from the start.

My soul speaks to me and says

Your beauty is in your face, and your radiance is in your heart.

May they both guide you into freedom.

May your joy spread like a fire that consumes the wood of many hearts.

Here I sit outside, pen in hand,

Lost in the magical land of my heart,

Where creativity flows like a river,

And quenches the thirst of me and others

the place where my soul meets my mind and body.

The place of grace

I touch my hands and say to my soul

May the wounds of rejection not kill your writing.

May the wounds of pride not blemish your goals.

May you become a superhero with pen in hand

To rescue you and free others.

I speak to my face

Your tears are your freedom, and

Your fears will keep you captive.

May neither tears nor fears rule your heart to death on Earth. May you fly high up in the sky and spread the beauty of your wings.

May your wings become a shelter for others.

Fly up in the sky, my love, and feel the power of the wind.

I say to my body

In honor and truth is your freedom.

In anger and courage, your defiance.

Some may rise against you,

But may you find Eden on Earth.

May you create a garden of beauty

At the center of the violence.

I write a love letter to myself

Shame binds you to a past that has passed.

Wisdom is your companion, may there be no more hiding. May you taste and smell the sweetness of life

May the mask you wore be striped with gladness.

As I look up at the sky, I hear it say

May your body rest as you walk away from turbulence. May your lips stay silent in the face of dark conflict.

May your hand continue to move toward freedom.

May you choose your redemption.

May you be free.

May the beauty of your writing dissipate in the wind

Keep writing, my love.

Your hands hold the secret to my soul.

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