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Transformation Friend


I am grateful for the tears.

I am grateful for the laughter.

You wounded my spirit, but in the end, I am so much stronger.

Your ignorance sucked the life out of me, but I found a new friend that breathed life back into me.

I made a new friend, she is awesome!

It's awesome to have you here with me!

You are wise and strong. You are a friend who pushes me to persevere when all seems like dying. Wake up, my friend, you whisper.

With you by my side, tasks become a breeze, and my day becomes more manageable. You whisper, keep walking; you are smiling.

The backpack is light for you; incredibly, you are my friend.

Please stay with me and continue to teach me to fly like a feather.

I made a new friend!

After many tears, heart racing, and a wounded spirit, I could let go.

It was all thanks to you, my new friend! You gave me the strength to keep going. You whispered, stay alive, wake up, work, and rest. You helped my heart breathe again. I am grateful, my friend.

I am glad you came alive; I am so happy you are my new friend.

My new friend does not seek justice; she surrenders to the destiny of the World. After all, what is justice when the wound took who I was?

Perhaps Justice is my new friend. Maybe justice is rising.

My new friend is trustworthy. I learned your instincts are correct and will always protect me.

I am grateful for my new friend. Without the many tears, maybe I would have never met you.

I am grateful I have a new friend. My friend is firm in boundaries. My friend has no fear of consequences. Bold and audacious!

My friend taught me peace is letting go. Detaching, I can breathe.

My friend came with tears, much more than laughter.

You wounded my spirit, but I have a new friend.

Arise, my friend; your smile and eyes bring life to my eyes.

I let go, I detach, you no longer inflict pain.

Now, my friend and I are working, achieving, dreaming, and thriving.

You do not have the power.

I have a new friend. You no longer have me.

I have a new friend.

Tonight I drink! Here's to many more unique experiences together on our journey! Don't go, my friend!

Thank you for being here! Tonight, I drink to the tears.

You were there with me. As tears flooded me, you came; you saved me from myself.

Slowly, you were born deep from inside of me.

Then you whispered, Your help is always near! Wake up, my friend!

I saw your smile.

I have a new friend.

Her fairness is admirable.

Her safety is reliable.

I am grateful you are my friend.

You make my life full of brilliance, hope has arisen, you are my friend.

Thank you for being here.

I am grateful, I say.

May the pain and tears come; maybe I will find a new friend.

You whisper, no pain; it is all transformation.

No challenges. It is all transformation.

No learning. It is all transformation.

No resiliency, but growth and transformation.

You live inside me; I have a new friend.

You, my friend, know the secret of transformation.

You arrived at my heart.

Please stay, but you say no, my friend. The time is near.

You know there will be a time of death for you; transformation is near again. A new friend is arriving.

I am thankful for you, my friend.

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