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What if medical education included...

Self-love and self-compassion tools, perhaps we would remember we are humans and mistakes can happen without shame. Perhaps we must start with us first to show our patients the love and compassion they deserve.

Shame resiliency, perhaps silence would not prevail, and fewer physicians would die by suicide. Maybe we could all share our struggles and hardships without fear of repercussions to our medical licenses or being labeled weak or incompetent.

Developing a community of great fellowship, perhaps competition and comparisons would not guide us into residency. Perhaps fewer physicians would kill to get into their specialty of choice, and prestige would be a thing of the past.

Less of the masculine and more of the feminine. Perhaps then emotions would be counted. The body would not be divided into pieces, and humans not seen as machines that are always fixable.

A welcoming of our tears. Perhaps then my patients could see my tears.

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