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Your hope, my hope

There is something you know about hope

Hope is to speak truth

Hope is to lead to redemption

Hope shines bright over you

There is something you have suffer for the price of hope

Your hope meant work

Your hope meant scarcity

Your hope meant rules and good girl

Your hope meant be rough, be tough, survive and get out

Your hope cost you, but your hope also brought you

Your hope brought you the poised character to hate evil and destruction

You hate evil and destruction for you and for others

Others who do not see hope and live tainted in the world

Your hope has become my hope

I now hope to live light

To live a life of rest and grace

A life of peace and wisdom

Not of works, not destroying my body for your sake

I now hope to live in tenderness and kindness

For myself and towards myself

I decide to embrace your beauty, playfulness and curiosity

I will humbly separate from destruction

I now hope to live free of shame

No more self-contempt

I am who I am

I am a powerful speaker of truth

I speak truth to bring freedom

This is a gift you either embrace or reject, but I will give my gift.

I now hope to live in beauty

Beauty that brings serenity

Serenity to my voice, serenity to my body

Beauty that brings pleasant vitality to me and to others

Hope is coming

Hope has arrived

My hope is your hope

May our hopes redeem

May our hopes live

Hope is here to stay alive

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