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What to expect?

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As a board-certified family physician and a diplomate in lifestyle medicine, I blend traditional medicine with complementary modalities to help you and your family live healthier longer lives. I practice evidence-based medicine, focusing on prevention and wellness.  I compassionately serve kids and adult patients. I speak English and Spanish, the language of your preferance.

Values: compassion, comprehensiveness, empowerment, honesty, kindness, respect, spirituality

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Working Together: Welcome


What is direct primary care?

For the equivalent of a monthly cell phone bill, you can receive direct primary care health services tailored to your needs and the needs of your family. Direct care allows physicians to focus their attention, time, and effort on caring for their patients without barriers from nonmedical administrators or insurance companies.

Why virtual care?

It is easy and safe. It saves money and time. The same doctor to see you and your family in every virtual visit. One doctor for your sick visits, chronic care, and wellness needs.

What if I need in-person care?

There may be times that your health problems need in-person attention and Dr Maria will advise you on this. For these visits, you can your health insurance plan.

Why choose GOMD and Dr Maria?

GoMD is revolutionizing healthcare. They allow you and your family to have access to easy and affordable healthcare. Dr Maria will empower you and your family in the journey of healing and health.

What is lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine uses evidence-based interventions, therapies and self-care to focus on prevention, treatment, and reversal of most chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, and autoimmune disease among others. Lifestyle Medicine attacks the root cause of chronic diseases: lifestyle factors. Our areas of focus include diet, movement, sleep, stress management, and healthy relationships. Want to learn more?, visit ACLM.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Dr. Maria and GoMD do not accept insurance. She provides services via GoMD, which is a membership-based platform. GOMD has many individual and family plans from which to choose. Subscribe today!

GoMD is NOT insurance coverage and not intended to REPLACE insurance.

Do you offer financing options?

Dr. Maria does not offer to finance, all services are pay before they are rendered. You might be able to use your HSA or FSA to pay for Dr. Maria's services and GoMD membeership. Please contact your HSA or FSA holder before engaging in our services and verify coverage.

What if I do not live in the state of Texas?

Currently, Dr. Maria only has a medical license in the state of Texas. All of her services are provided only for patients in the state of Texas.

Working Together: FAQ
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