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You became a physician because you wanted to help people heal and be healthy … but everything changed! Perhaps you have felt burnout or compassion fatigue, sad, depressed or anxious every day when you come home from work. Maybe you have experienced the moral injury of the current healthcare system, augmented during the COVID-19 pandemic, every day at work. You have thought about leaving medicine, looking for a new job to save you from the madness, or a side gig to retire early because you do not know how to survive thirty-plus years in your previous dream career and vocation. Our medical profession causes a chronic trauma response in our bodies from the first day of medical school that requires gentle and compassionate care. 

Dr. María invites you to a journey of healing, hope, courage, and wisdom in this book and journal. You will discover how we all suffer as she shares empathetic and thrilling stories. Journaling will be the invitation into the sacred spaces of your soul. May you find freedom, authenticity, and joy.

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