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When Joy and Sorrow Marry

One day joy met sorrow.

Joy brought peace, generosity, patience, and bliss. Sorrow brought anger, loss, depression, and anxiety. They saw each other face to face and did not like what the other had to offer, and they were different.

One carried sadness and the other happiness. One is dressed in black, while the other chooses colors. One had tears, while the other had a great smile.

But as they continued to look into each other's eyes, they started to see their image reflected in the other. They saw how they were one. They were the same. One enjoyed the rain, while the other the flowers. One lived lonely in the deep forest, while the other lived on a tropical island. They both had voices, but they spoke different languages. And then they saw it, both had experience death, and both had given themself to love and others.

They noticed the lines in their hands, the gray hair caressing their face, their tender heart. What if?

What if they both hold the past and the present together. What if they hold the what is and the what will never again be with compassion and tenderness. They had both walked the path of fear, the course of the unknown, and they had both been broken by the hands of vulnerability.

Then they realized, together, they had made a world. They let go of the tension and embraced that loss always brings a new blessing.

You can not have joy without sorrow, life without loss. Together they are one visitor knocking at the door of every living that breathes their pure air.

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