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Dear You

Dear You

Go out and receive the abundance and beauty of God

Enjoy the books, enjoy the pets, enjoy the drinks, enjoy nature

Dear You

Go explore, shine and show your grace and beauty

Enjoy the meals at the table with good friends and community

Dear You

Do not worry my child about modern day slavery

Let God, your powerful God, take care of all your needs

Do not fear, do not let the need for safety in prison you

Go out and smile!

Go out my dear into the fields and ocean, go out and smile!

Dear You

Rest, you already are and there is no need of becoming

Go out and smile!

Go and enjoy the freedom provided by the healing and transformation

You already are Aela Bela, Princess Warrior

You already are a peach star fish glamorizing the vast oceans

Rest my love, no need to become, you already are!

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