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To you the fast pace rhythm of organismic adrenalism

You made my body an adrenaline lover

You made my body not know rest

But you are not the ruler of my body anymore

I do not need you anymore, I release you

No more fast, sprint crushing rhythm

I am now free and light

I am now present

You made me work without listening to my soul

But no more! I now choose introspection, I now choose me!

I will not destroy my body by giving myself to your dominion

You have given me pain

You have given me wrinkles

You have given me are and white hairs

I take my body back now!

My blood is purify from the the orgasmic rush

You serve me for a while, but now it is time to let go!

You do not serve my anymore

You are not worthy of me anymore

You can not go to the next season of grace redefine

You are not welcome anymore!

More rest, more lightness, more play

You already took to many years, goodbye my friend!

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